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PiscinaSpain, the epicentre of knowledge and innovation in the pool, spa and water management sector.

The new technology trade fair dedicated to new-generation pools. The design, production, construction and maintenance of swimming pools has taken on a new dimension thanks to innovation and technology. In an ecosystem with limited water resources, swimming pools are not a luxury good, but an ally of sustainability and intelligent water management.

The Pool & Aquatech Congress is the place where industry leaders, experts and passionate professionals from various disciplines such as engineering, architecture, technology, sustainability and design, among others, come together.

Take the PiscinaSpain stage alongside more than 160 experts and share your innovative vision, ideas, projects and trends with more than 7,000 professionals from the entire value chain of the world of pools, spas and aquatech.

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Do you fit the profile we are looking for?

  • Manufacturers: Representatives of leading companies in the manufacture of pool equipment and materials, as well as water treatment systems. They can offer insights into the latest innovations in product technology and market trends.
  • Builders: Professionals experienced in the construction and design of pools and aquatic facilities. They can share knowledge on construction techniques, safety regulations, and architectural design specific to aquatic spaces.
  • Promoters: Individuals involved in promoting and developing projects related to pools and aquatic complexes. They can discuss marketing strategies, market analysis, and planning for large-scale projects.
  • Architects: Experts in architectural design specializing in pool and aquatic space projects. They can discuss the integration of pools into larger architectural projects, the use of sustainable technologies, and the creation of unique user experiences.
  • Hoteliers: Representatives of hotels and resorts with pools and spa areas. They can share best practices in managing aquatic facilities, spa services, and strategies to enhance guest experience.
  • Installers: Professionals responsible for the installation and maintenance of pool systems and related equipment. They can offer practical advice on proper equipment installation, common troubleshooting, and best maintenance practices.
  • Designers: Creatives specializing in landscape and aquatic space design. They can discuss the importance of design in user experience, the integration of natural elements, and the creation of attractive and functional environments.
  • Campgrounds: Representatives of campgrounds and tourist resorts with pools and aquatic recreation areas. They can discuss strategies for efficiently managing aquatic facilities in campground settings, as well as additional services to enhance visitor experience.
  • Sports Clubs: Managers of sports clubs with aquatic facilities for training and competition. They can share experiences in managing aquatic sports facilities, training programs, and sports events.
  • Municipal Facilities: Representatives of municipalities and local authorities responsible for managing municipal pools and aquatic centers. They can discuss management policies, public access programs, and community development projects.
  • Wellness Centers: Professionals from wellness centers and spas offering hydrotherapy and aquatic treatments. They can share knowledge about aquatic therapies, wellness facility design, and trends in the spa industry.
  • Spas: Representatives of spas and thermal centers with therapeutic aquatic facilities. They can discuss the health benefits of thermal waters, specific treatments, and thermal facility management.
  • Engineering Firms: Professionals specializing in civil, hydraulic, and environmental engineering with experience in water and pool-related projects. They can offer technical knowledge on structural design, filtration systems, and sustainable water management.
  • Water Parks: Representatives of water parks and amusement parks with water attractions. They can discuss the design and operation of water parks, safety measures, trends in water attractions, and entertainment experiences.
  • Technology Centers: Experts in research and development of water and pool-related technologies. They can present advances in water treatment, system automation, and new technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability in the sector.
  • Associations: Representatives of professional associations related to the pool and aquatech sector. They can discuss association goals, training programs, industry regulations, and standards.
  • Industry Professionals: Experts and professionals with experience in various aspects of the pool and aquatech sector, including business management, consulting, training, and product development. They can offer practical insights and advice based on their field experience.

Discover the HOT Topics

  • Pool 4.0
  • Industrialisation
  • Maintenance
  • Automation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Digitalisation
  • Installations
  • Climatic shelters
  • Health and well-being
  • Advanced systems
  • Landscaping and Outdoor
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Domotics
  • Regulation
  • Security
  • Leisure and experiences
  • Water cycle management,…

Key dates to keep in mind

  • Receipt of proposals. Deadline: 6 September 2024.
  • Selected proposals. Confirmation date: all participants will be informed of the results of their proposals from 13 September 2024.
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