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The business platform to drive the pool sector forward

PiscinaSpain is the new technological fair dedicated to next-generation pools. The design, production, construction, and maintenance of pools have acquired a new dimension thanks to innovation and technology. In an ecosystem with limited water resources, pools are not a luxury item but an ally in sustainability and intelligent water management.


For three days, PiscinaSpain brings together over 7,000 professionals in the wonderful city of Malaga, seeking the latest innovations and designs in pool construction, and especially the latest technology for management and maintenance.


Pool builders and installers, architecture firms, developers, construction companies, hotels, campsites, sports clubs, public facilities, wellness companies, spas, engineering firms, and water parks, among others, attend PiscinaSpain in search of industrial and technological partners for the world of pools and spas. A comprehensive range of solutions will be complemented with water management technology and a full range of “outdoor” solutions including pergolas, garden furniture, among others.


Get hundreds of next-generation leads in just 3 days. Leads that your sales network would take years to identify. Thousands of customers who do not attend other pool shows and who you will find in Malaga, at PiscinaSpain 2024. Stand out against your competition and get the majority of contacts at PiscinaSpain from the 30,000 pools installed annually in 2025 and 2026.

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Open only to highly innovative companies and "Game-Changers" in the pool sector

· Concrete and Steel Pools
· Industrialized Pool Basins
· Linings
· Heaters
· Installation Accessories
· Pool Accessories
· Filters and Pumps
· Covers and Coverings
· Safety Equipment
· Reinforced Liner Covering

· Automation and IoT
· Lighting Systems
· Design Software
· Salt Electrolysis Equipment
· Dosing Systems
· LED Lighting Systems
· Water Analysis
· Energy Saving Systems
· Safety and Rescue Equipment

· Filtration Systems
· Chemical Treatment
· Heating and Cooling
· Purification
· Diffusion Systems
· Ornamental Fountains

· Living
· Water Slides
· Parks and Playgrounds
· Furniture and Loungers
· Paving and Gardening
· Pergolas
· Sports Facilities
· Irrigation Systems
· Tens and Shading Systems

· Cleaning Robots
· Bottom Cleaners
· Brushes
· Sweepers
· Poles
· Leaf Collectors

· Dry and Steam Saunas
· Spas
· Showers and Faucets
· Bathtubs
· Changing Rooms

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7,000+ prescribers and buyers from the pool and aquatech sector

PiscinaSpain brings together prescribers and buyers from the pool and aquatech sector who come in search of the latest innovations, products, systems, and materials for their projects. Contact over 7,000 architects, developers, builders, installers, hoteliers, leisure park executives, and professionals from municipal facilities and sports clubs in just 3 days, gathering 73% of the pool park in the Iberian Peninsula, and get next-generation leads to boost your sales.

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Reasons to Exhibit

With the possibility of participating as a Partner, Exhibitor, or Newcomer, we present ten powerful reasons to include PiscinaSpain in your marketing plan and position your brand as the business and technological partner that over 7,000 prescribers and buyers seek at the leading event for the pool and aquatech industry:

  1. Position your brand.
  2. Showcase your latest innovations to your target audience, media, and specifiers.
  3. Participate in all stages of the purchasing process.
  4. Activate and/or accelerate the purchasing process.
  5. Generate the engagement and connection necessary to retain and sell more.
  6. B2B meetings with decision-makers, an audience of executives that no other event will provide.
  7. Inspire your target audience by participating in the Pool & Aquatech Congress.
  8. Benefit from innovation transfer through challenges.
  9. Impacts in periodic communications through our communications throughout the year.
  10. Be part of a qualified network where you will be the protagonist.
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